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The Objects You Keep, Speak

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Over the Summer of 2016 my partner volunteered to house sit for a relative. While she went about watering plants and other tasks, I wandered the house, taking photos.

My partner's relatives have a gorgeous apartment. As a parent of two kids (and three cats), I think of my household as functional, and less so beautiful. I need things that can stand up to the poundings and capriciousness of kids and pets. And so when I have the chance to see inside other's households, I take advantage of it.The photos below represent some of the many corners and curiosities I took in over several visits. 

And as I processed them it lead to a number of questions: Why we keep the things we do? Functionality? Beauty? Sentimental value? And how does the possession and maintenance of these objects define us? Possessions, like people, expire. When is the appropriate time to let go? How do we go about the task of moving beyond? Letting go of the things (and people) we love is rarely easy.  I can't tell you how many shots I took before I was satisfied. I have a desire to be the best photographer I can be. Not because I want to put others down, but because the effort elevates me.

Photography is a blessing to me. It teaches me to pay attention, to frame elements so that I can create a captivating story through images. It shows me that even ordinary things (and people) are beautiful. The things we own can become invisible over time, even when they're right in front of us. Taking photos makes the invisible less so.

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