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Back in mid-April I was invited to attend a photo walk, my first of 2022. It was with the NeON photography group. NeON photography is a New York City funded photography program. It gives everyday New Yorkers around the city a solid background in photography theory and application. Participants are also eligible for work and other opportunities. For example, I was a part of two gallery shows with them. Click here to see the details of one of them. So when the organizers reached out, I was happy to sign up and join in!

It was good to see the group again. There were lots of new faces, as well as some familiar ones. We spent most of the time in Chinatown. For this photo walk I decided to use a film camera, specifically my Nikon F2. I also used black-and-white film. Specifically, Kodak Tri-X 400.

We started at Cortlandt Alley. I only took a few images in this location. I tend to take a while to get into the flow of a photo walk. This one I took of Nessa on this motorcycle was my favorite of this bunch.

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Afterwards we walked east and wound up on Mott Street. It was busy!

Lizzy was part of the NeON photography photo walk I participated in. She was nice enough to let me and a few others take her photo while on Mott Street. I'm always nervous when taking portraits with a film camera. I really liked how this one turned out. I got the exposure and focus right. Even in black-and-white, Lizzy's skin tone is amazing.

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Afterwards we went over to Pell Street. Unlike Mott, Pell was closed to cars. This gave the group plenty of opportunities to take photos of the surroundings, as well as people.

Funny story: Darryl (the gentleman in the picture below) was walking down Pell Street during our NeON photography photo walk. He saw us--a dozen or so photographers taking photos--and got roped into modeling for the group! He was cool with it, and we were able to get some great images. Thanks Darryl!

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This shot (also taken on Pell Street) was a tricky one. It was because of the mix of bright sun and deep shadows. That, coupled with the diverse architectural components. I had to find the right balance so that one element didn't overpower the other. I'm happy with how it came out!

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This awesome mural at One Allen Street is by artist Victor Ving. The story behind its creation is pretty cool, in my opinion. He and his partner (photographer Lisa Beggs) are currently traveling across the United States. Their goal is to paint site specific murals in all 50 states! The last time I checked they had completed 40 or so. How cool is that?! Click here to check it out.

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This was the last stop for me on the NeON photography photo walk that day. I had a great time. I got to connect with fellow photographers. I took a few good pictures. I also got some roast pork buns for the family on the way back home from my favorite Chinatown bakery!

It was a winning day.

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