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I spent a wet morning in December of 2018 trying to take photos of the Manhattan and Brooklyn Bridges. And I loved it!

In November of that year a patron of mine had expressed interest in a photo I shared, and asked if they could purchase a print of it. The problem was that photo was taken with my cellphone several years (and models) ago. I didn't trust that a professional quality print of it would look good. Instead, I offered to shoot a similar one with my DSLR camera. If they liked it, I would make a print of that one instead.

It just so happened that kid number one (KNO) had SATs that December weekend. It was a great opportunity--I could accompany KNO to the test site, then continue on to Brooklyn. I knew it would be a wet, overcast day, but I thought it would be fine. Well.... I got soaked.

I underestimated how much time I would need to spend exposed to the elements in order to capture reasonable pictures. Also, since it was by the water, I had less cover. Honestly, I wasn't  sure if I got any good pictures for my client. Luckily for me I did. Check out the video below to see the final prints I had made.

That said, I learned a lot that day. First, to be as thorough as possible when planning a photo assignment. Factor in everything--the weather, commute, equipment needed, time constraints--that could impact your shoot. Be as prepared as you can before walking out the door.

Second, have fun. While I did get wet, and took a lot of crappy photos, I really enjoyed my time this morning. There was an energy in the air as I walked around taking photos. And when I came to the waterfront, I was blown away by the beauty around me--the East River and the rocky shoreline in front of me, with the two bridges on either side. The video doesn't do it justice, in my opinion.

Last, learn from failure. I've looked at this day specifically (and this weekend in general) as as a lesson in what I could've done differently in order to have had better outcomes. Now I'll be better prepared, less frustrated, and be able to enjoy the process even more.

Since this event I've had the pleasure of having creating many custom orders for my clients. If you're interested in getting one for yourself, send me an email at victorio@creativechaosphotography and let's talk!

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