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"We have been told to be silent for too long... And the truth is, we are more than enough." ~ Raquel Willis

Back on June 14, 2020, I attended a rally entitled Brooklyn Liberation: An Action for Black Trans Lives. It was a great event. I'm glad I braved the subways in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic to attend. Although I gave myself a sunburn where my mask didn't cover my face! Oh well...

In all seriousness, Trans Lives Matter, especially Black ones. Let's celebrate and stand in solidarity with those living their lives on their terms. Let's seek ways to reduce harm in Black Trans communities. All too often what's reported in the news is not good. Let's work together to change that narrative.

This speech by writer/activist/media strategist Raquel Willis lays it all out beautifully. I encourage you to give it a listen.

Some ways you can do that are by:

Donating to organizations that support the needs of Black trans folks. Focus your dollars on organizations that are actually led by those folks.

Work to ensure that your organization is reducing or eliminating barriers to recruiting, hiring, and helping Black trans folks succeed in the workplace.

Work with your elected officials to support policies that affirm the civil rights of Black trans folks.    

Black Trans Lives Matter.

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