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I'm Victorio Milian--a photographer, freelance writer, and Human Resources consultant in New York City. My focus is street photography, with an emphasis on street art and portraiture. I enjoy capturing the unique beauty of the city I love. This is especially true of people and places here that outsiders may not always see in the media.

I consider January 2014 the starting point for my journey into this art form. That’s when I bought a Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) camera. Since that time I've worked consistently to develop my practice.

In November 2015 I created my first book of photos entitled, New York City: The Quietest Place on Earth. In August of 2016 I launched this  website, Creative Chaos Photography.

In September of 2017 I launched a Patreon page. Having patrons helps to provide me with the capital to produce more photo works, such as books and prints. Depending on the contribution level, patrons receive gifts for their support, from getting photos sent daily to their inbox to discounts on books or prints I create. Contributions also enable me to invest in equipment and training that will help me to become a better photographer.

In 2018 I launched an Etsy page. On this site you can select photo prints, along with my second self-published photo book entitled, A Visual Mixtape: Volume One.

2019 was a great year for me. I achieved a number of milestones, which include: a 17% increase in the number of new patrons on Patreon; a  sixfold increase in the number of custom print orders fulfilled; a  twofold increase in paid photoshoots; a twofold increase in the number of gallery events my work has been displayed in; a significant increase in the number of clients who've bought my prints and/or photobook.

2020 was a challenging year, to say the least. That said, I had my share of success, photography-wise. The Patreon community continued to grow. Sales of my book and prints were strong.

I also was involved in two photography related events. One was the group show entitled, New Visions: Activism Through The LensThis was held at the Denise Dibro Fine Art Gallery in SoHo, New York City. The other was also a group show, entitled Capture The Movement, which was held at Restoration Plaza in Brooklyn. This was one of several events I participated in under the CTM collective banner.

In 2020 I had my first organizational partnership! I did a one-year project with Kennedy Children's Center (KCC). KCC is a preschool for children with disabilities. This project allowed me to work with staff, the Executive team, and other participants. The goal was to create a portfolio of images which reflected the beauty and talent of the students, staff, and families at KCC. This work culminated in the creation of a virtual gallery, which fueled the agency's annual fundraising effort in 2020. All told, KCC raised over $100K that year!

You can see the virtual gallery here: http://vision2020.kenchild.org

As the world continued to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, I set out on a personal mission: To take at least 100 street portraits in 2021. I did this for a number of reasons. One, I wanted to remain "connected" to people, which I felt was slipping away due to the pandemic. Two, I wanted the practice, to be able to capture someone's likeness in the short space of time we had together. Three, I wanted to highlight the diversity of the city I love. It wasn't easy but when the year ended, I had 110 street portraits!

Thank you to everyone that consented to having me take their photo! 

For 2022 and beyond, my goal is to continue to create images that highlight the beauty and diversity of the best city on earth. If you like my work, I hope you go out and support it! You can do so by: Requesting a custom printbecoming a patron on Patreon; or making a purchase at my Etsy shop.   

Thanks for spending a moment to learn about me!

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